Spring Gardening Ideas & Tips

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Spring Gardening Tips & Ideas

A few tips, ideas & suggestions for tending to your garden in Spring. 

Here are a few suggestions for March from our friends at the The Good Gardener.

“Spring is just around the corner, and as the birds chirp and the flowers bloom, we at the Good Gardner would like to remind you of some important tasks to prepare your gardens for the warmer months ahead! 

  1. Cut back your winter-flowering shrubs, as they have given us their all for the season and need some rest. This will help to promote healthy growth and ensure they flower again next year. 
  2. Cut back your Cornus and Salix, grown for their colourful winter stems. This will not only help to maintain their beauty but also ensure they continue to grow healthily. 

  3. Prune your bush and climbing roses. This will encourage new growth and promote a bountiful bloom in the coming months. 

  4. Prepare your vegetable beds for the season ahead. Clear away any debris and weeds, and add fresh compost to nourish the soil. 

  5. Mulch your flower beds. This will help to retain moisture and suppress weeds, allowing your plants to thrive. 

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Weeding is one of the best uses of time in Spring as it will save you many hours later in the year. See the video below for some good weeding tips.

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