Image 1: Pro Landscaper’s 30 under 30 – the next generation
Image 2: Ben McIlwaine
Gaia Gardeners first Apprentice, Winner of ProLandscaper’s 30 under 30


We are consciously biased towards young Gardeners and late entrants to the Landscape Industry who have additional learning needs, particularly dyslexia, as the positives are often an acute attention to detail and a determination to do the best job possible.

Our first apprentice Ben has excellent Inter-Personal Skillsand is loved by our Clients for his open and frank response to any queries about the projects.


Gaia Gardeners are partnering with Amazing Apprenticeships to avail of their extensive experience & success in this important area of training and further step in the process of ‘Life Long Learning’.

When hiring and training apprentices it is incredibly important to create a platform of experience that spans as broad a range of opportunities as possible.

Developing a learning programme that instils confidence and creates chances to develop a multitude of skills is of paramount importance and something we aim to do with the help of Amazing Apprenticeships.

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