Sustainability, Biodiversity and Climate Change Mitigation are core ‘drivers’ in our business.

Our approach recognises that feeling a connection with nature has a joyous and transformative effect on our
overall wellbeing.

Last year we became the first  UK certified Organic Master Gardeners from the respected Gaia College in Canada.

This further fuelled our passion for soil health and carbon sequestration, helping to enhance soil organic matter a campaign we have been waging since the passing of the Climate Change Act 2008.

Sustainable Gardening

Our business strategy involves a range of exclusive organic products catering for those who are anxious to ‘do something’ to help mitigate Climate Change problems.

One of the services we are pioneering is to help individuals mitigate Climate Change (contribute to NET ZERO) with the innovative Carbon Grass’

These are grasses which sequester up to 300% more atmospheric carbon into Soil Carbon which helps to put Carbon back where it belongs in the soil.

With over 1 million acres of gardens in Britain* there is huge scope with these sustainable practices.

Another of the services we specialise in is working like bees to retrofit Gardens with the wildseedFlowers Gone Wild’ which helps to enhance biodiversity.

In a nutshell, we we work with ‘Mother Nature’ (Gaia) “We do a bit, then ‘Mother Nature’ does her bit, then we respond to that, and so it goes on.”

Sustainability is at the heart of our business & we plan to collaborate with like minded people and businesses to help increase peoples awareness.

* – Thompson K & Head S ‘Gardens as a Resource for Wildlife’.

Below: A nice video from the series, narrated by Lupita Nyong’o.

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